I love this time year.  This time of year highly irritates me. This time of year is so wonderful my heart wants to sing. This time of year makes me want to put my head under my pillows and wallow in my lack of change from last year. I want to skip this time of year. I love this time of year.

The blessing:  I love the time to self-reflect. I love that as an entire society and community we all slow down and take a minute to take personal inventories and realign goals. I love that without a societal tradition called ” resolutions” I might (gasp) NEVER take the time to do it and my whole life would pass by in a blink without a single self-reflection.

The curse: The self-reflecting and self-inventory ALWAYS makes me feel like I fell short. Always. Even if I have had a wonderful year. Even if my heart could burst from contentment and fulfillment. Even if things couldn’t be better. Looking at my resolutions from the year before make me feel like a failure. Always.

So I think maybe we re-write this whole “resolution” thing. Maybe with just a few tweaks we will find we ARE in fact achieving these resolutions.

Here are my ideas to more fulfilling and permanent resolutions:

  1. Snap checking once a year is terrible. ESPECIALLY if your resolution is health related, doing so RIGHT after the holidays is setting ourselves up for failure. Are we really to believe that if we snap check our health in JANUARY we will notice an IMPROVEMENT ? Instead, I’m going to reflect throughout my entire year. When was I doing well? How many weeks or months was I feeling successful?  Maybe this next year if I can just add a few weeks in the year of feeling successful in my health goals, I won’t be depressed that they are not PERFECTLY and PERMANENTLY implemented in my life by next year. It’s a process.
  2. We’re setting ourselves up for failure. My resolutions always seem so drastic (switch to a career you love!). Yeah ok. Instead, I’m going to focus on the steps in the process. One online class. Actually start circulating my resume instead of complaining about my job. Start networking with people in a field that interests me. Even just one of these ideas will put me on my way. This resolution doesn’t need to be fully realized by next year, it simply needs to be a living, breathing process in my life.
  3. We have to self-reflect more then once a year. This one is the hardest for me. I know this is a good idea and I know lots of people already do this. But I get SO caught up in bills, grocery shopping, dentist appointments, gymnastics registration, blah blah blah that I lose all sense of self-direction. The older I get the more I realize if we don’t live with intention and purpose it falls by the wayside. So I’m committing to setting little mini-goals and maybe some bigger ones throughout the whole year. Heck, I might even get crazy and throw in some steps on life goals (Academy Award winning screen play anyone? ). I’m going to put them in my planner RIGHT NOW so all year long they will be there staring at me, instead of me trying to remember (which let’s be real is not a thing.).

So off to an amazing year! As amazing as we can make it, and as wonderful as we create it to be.