It’s been a long time since my last post. I’m so sad to admit that the whirlwind of life swept me up in it’s torrential winds and spun me for a while. I couldn’t see up. I couldn’t see down, or sideways. But I could see my husband. And my girls. And really what else matters? I’m happy to report that we did indeed end up closing on the dream house. We love it. I have such big dreams for this house. Dreams for my family. Dreams for all the designs tumbling in my head. Dreams for our intertwined future, us and this place. These past few months have been all-consuming in their stress and pressures. Financial duress and job failures are evil twins, intertwined and inseparable , throwing a cruel double punch. They create tunnels. I hate these tunnels. Tunnels of time, tunnels that steal your focus and jumble your heart and distort your vision. These tunnels make you forget, they blur the visions of your heart and they drown the beautiful noise of life. It’s not all tunnel vision, but sometimes it’s hard to see around the tunnel when you are in the tunnel. We still have had joy. We still have had precious memories with our girls. We still have had adventures. We have also had a lot weighing on our hearts. And we’ve lost a little bit of time, stolen by stress. So we are climbing out of the tunnel. Some of the stressors have eased and our focus and passions has been reignited. We are joining the world again. We are so happy to be back.